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the best home to home nursing care service in Ipoh
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 Home to Home Nursing Care 

               WMC Medic House Call 

                          WMC Home to home nursing care

       Home to Home Nursing Care 

                             WMC Home to home Nursing care    

    Welcome to the WMC Medic House call Services. With our trained medical teams ,we can

provide the right care for your loved one at home. With the right help and care to properly

manage your loved one we aim to  reduce the emotional stress of dealing with your

situation. Whether its Dementia, Alzheimer’s, or even Stroke, we help pair you with the right

medical team 

to best suit your situation and healthcare needs.

Everyone has unique care needs and different preferences. Whether it’s helping with activities

of daily living (ADLs) or support for medical conditions, our suite of care services provide the

best and right care you and your loved one deserve.

Our Nursing Care Service 

Post hospitalization Nursing Care Services

Focus on recovery and leave the complex nursing care in the hands of our experienced nurse

Care Pros.

Routine Visits

Our experienced nurses will ensure the periodic nursing procedures are completed with the

most careTrained nurses to manage specialized nursing care needs in the comfort of your own

homes.Share your care needs with our Care Advisors and learn more about how our Care

Professionals can help.

Nursing Care Planning and Consultation 

Our Care Specialists will work with you to develop a personal Care Plan which details the

recipient’s health status, care needs and Care Professional preferences.
We will match you and your loved one with the most suitable caregiver or nurse.

Once matched, you will receive a notification with the assigned Care Professional’s profile in

WMC Medic House Call Whatsapp group .

Services  and Procedures 

Recover At Home.
Skip Visits To Hospitals.
Get Nursing Procedures Done At Home.
Wound Care.
Tube Feeding.
Stoma Care.
Respiratory Care.
Medication Administration.
Safety In Mobility.
Local Caregivers & Nurses.
Free Care Consultation.
Top Quality Nurses

Please make an appointments at Whasapps No : 0124520077

We Will get back to you as soon as possible .


Our Centre


Consultation Hours


ACCOMMODATION: We provide comfortable and serene environment for our patients. All rooms are fully air-conditioned.

MEALS :  Meals provided are healthy diet and prepared according to the patient's needs.

NURSING CARE : Nursing Care facilities provided.

TRANSPORTATION: We provide transportation  if needed.

TRANSPORT PROVIDED : Transportation provided to and from the airport to the centre.


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newhopemedic waiting hall


Monday To Saturday

8.30pm to 5.30 pm

Sunday And Public Holiday


Online Consultation Hours

Monday To Saturday

2.30pm to 6.00pm




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