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best neurasthenia treatment in Ipoh
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Best neurasthena treatment in Ipoh

Causes and Treatment

best neurasthenia treatment in Ipoh

Neurasthenia is a term that was first used at least as early as 1829 to label a mechanical weakness of the actual nerves,


The condition was explained as being a result of exhaustion of the central nervous system's energy reserves, which Beard attributed to modern civilization. Physicians in the Beard school of thought associated neurasthenia with the stresses ofurbanization and with stress suffered as a result of the increasingly competitive business environment. Typically, it was associated with upper class people and with professionals working in sedentary occupations, but really can apply to anyone who lives within the monetary system.

symptoms in this category, including fatigue, dyspepsia with flatulence, and indications of intra-cranial pressureand spinal irritation.[5] In common with some other people of the time, he believed this condition to be due to "non-completed coitus" or the non-completion of the higher cultural correlate thereof, or to "infrequency of emissions" or the infrequent practice of the higher cultural correlate thereof.

Our centre providing the therapy for neurasthenia which including NLP Skill appling ,clinical hypnosis , holistic therapy and give effective result and our patients  can restore back  to normal life and works at a shorter period . Please call us for further information .

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