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the best frozen shoulder physiotherapy in Ipoh
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The best frozen shoulder physiotherapy treatment in Ipoh 

Frozen shoulder Physiotherapy

the best frozen shoulder treatment in Ipoh

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is the common name for adhesive capsulitis, which is a shoulder condition

that limits your range of motion. When the tissues in your shoulder joint become thicker and

tighter, scar tissue develops over time. As a result, your shoulder joint doesn’t have enough

space to rotate properly. Common symptoms include swelling, pain, and stiffness. You’re more

likely to have the condition if you’re between the ages of 40 and 60.

What Are the Symptoms of a Frozen Shoulder?

You become aware of a frozen shoulder when it begins to hurt. The pain then causes you to

limit your movement. Moving the shoulder less and less increases its stiffness. Before long,

you find that you can’t move your shoulder as you once did. Reaching for an item on a high

shelf becomes difficult, if not impossible. When it’s severe, you might not be able to do everyday

tasks that involve shoulder movement such as dressing.

What Causes a Frozen Shoulder?

If you have a hormonal imbalance, diabetes, or a weakened immune system, you may be prone

to joint inflammation. A long period of inactivity due to an injury, illness, or surgery also makes

you more vulnerable to inflammation and adhesions, which are bands of stiff tissue. In serious

cases, scar tissue may form. This severely limits your range of motion. Usually, the condition

takes two to nine months to develop.

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the best frozen shoulder treatment in Ipoh

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