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the best cubital varus treatment in Ipoh Tapah Bidor Teluk Intan Cameron Highland Taiping
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The best cubital Varus treatment in Ipoh 

the best cubital varus treatment in Ipoh

Cubitus varus: A deformity of the elbow resulting in a decreased carrying angle (so that,

with the arm extended at the side and the palm facing forward, the forearm and hand are

held at less than 5 degrees).

There is deviation of the forearm toward the midline of the body. Cubitus is the Latin

word for elbow and arus means angled inward. Cubitus varus is also called the

gun stock deformity

We all need to exercise, but pain may keep you from being as active as you should be.

The problem is, when you do not exercise, muscles get weaker and you may suffer

from even more pain. Try to be as active as you can because exercise releases

endorphins, chemicals that ease pain and boost your mood. Just 30 minutes of aerobic exercise

will do the trick, releasing endorphins that decrease your perception of pain. Ask your doctor

what kinds of aerobic exercises are appropriate for you. Remember, a well-rounded exercise

program includes strength training and stretching activities, too.

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the best cubital varus treatment in Ipoh

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