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the best ligament sprain treatment in Ipoh Tapah Bidor Teluk Intan Cameron Highland Taiping
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The best ligament sprain treatment in Ipoh 

the best ligament sprain treatment in Ipoh

People use the words “sprain” and “strain” almost interchangeably, to describe everything

from a twisted ankle to a pulled hamstring. But they’re not the same.

sprain is a stretch or tear in a ligament. Ligaments are bands of fibrous tissue that

connect bones to bones at joints.

strain is also a stretch or tear, but it happens in a muscle or a tendon. Tendons

link muscles to the bones.

How Do Sprains Happen?

Sprains usually happen when a person falls, twists, or is hit in a way that forces the

body out of its normal position.

The most common type of sprain is a sprained ankle. About 25,000 people sprain an

ankle every day. Think of a runner who goes over a curb and catches her foot, twisting the

ankle; or a baseball player who slides into a base and twists his knee.

Wrist and thumb sprains are also common, particularly in sports like skiing, where it’s not

unusual to fall and land on an outstretched palm.

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the best ligament sprain treatment in Ipoh

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