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the shoulder instability treatment in Ipoh
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The best shoulder instability treatment in Ipoh 

the best shoulder instability treatment in Ipoh

What is shoulder instability?

Shoulder instability is a problem that occurs when the structures that surround the

shoulder joint do not work to maintain the ball within its socket. If the joint is too loose,

it may slide partially out of place, a condition called subluxation (partial dislocation of the

shoulder joint). If the joint comes completely out of place, this is called a shoulder dislocation.

No single structure is responsible for providing stability at the shoulder joint. Instead,

the bony structure of the joint surfaces, the ligaments, capsule and muscles are all key

components in maintaining a stable shoulder joint yet permitting a large range of movement

in several directions.

Instability is often associated with subluxation, which may be associated with pain and/or

dead arm sensation. This is often what prompts the patient to seek medical attention.

In some people, this is not actually painful but can be quite annoying and prevent them

from taking part in daily activities or sports.

Instability of the shoulder joint can be in one direction, eg anterior instability (out the front),

posterior instability (out the back) or in more than one direction (known as multi directional

instability). The most common form of instability seems to be anterior and is probably

because the joint capsule is at its weakest at the front of the joint.

What causes an unstable shoulder?

The shoulder is the most moveable joint in your body. It helps you lift your arm, rotate it,

and reach up over your head. It is able to turn in many directions. This greater range

of motion, however, results in less stability. Shoulder instability occurs when the head

of the upper arm bone in forced out of the shoulder socket. This can happen as a

result of a sudden injury or from overuse.

Shoulder instability is most commonly caused by two different problems, placing people

into two different categories in terms of treatment options. The category of “post-traumatic”

shoulder instability includes people with a previous injury that has stretched or torn the

ligaments of the shoulder. A second category is used for people who naturally have loose

shoulder joints.

A bad injury to the shoulder can cause the shoulder to become unstable by stretching or

tearing the ligaments of the shoulder away from the bone. When the ligaments of the

shoulder are pulled away from the bone, this type of an injury is called a “Bankart lesion.”

Shoulder instability can also be caused by a generalized looseness of the joints, which

is thought to represent some type of congenital ligamentous laxity. This means that certain

people are born with ligaments that are more loose than normal. These people are frequently

very flexible and are often called “double-jointed,” especially when they are school-age children.

These people often have a shoulder that can slip out of joint in more than one direction, a

condition that is called “multi-directional instability.”

The younger a patient is at the time first subluxation or dislocation episode, the more likely

he or she is to suffer from further episodes of instability. Conversely, shoulder instability is

less of a problem as people grow older, because most people naturally become a little bit

stiffer with age.

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the best shoulder instability treatment in Ipoh

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