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the best shoulder impingement treatment in Ipoh
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 shoulder impingement treatment in Ipoh 


the best shoulder impingement treatment in Ipoh

Shoulder impingement syndrome is a condition where your shoulder's bursa and/or rotator

cuff tendons are intermittently trapped and compressed during shoulder elevation movements.

Shoulder impingement can be very painful. Persisting shoulder impingement may cause shoulder

bursitis or a structural injury to your rotator cuff tendons (rotator cuff tendinopathy or

 rotator cuff tear). This commonly results in painful shoulder movements in the first instance

but can lead to considerable functional weakness with a full thickness rotator cuff tear.

What is the Shoulder Impingement Zone?

The shoulder impingement zone is located between the head of your humerus

(shoulder's ball-shaped bone) and the top of your shoulder blade (known as the acromion).

During normal shoulder function, there should not be an impact of the scapula's bony

acromion process into the soft bursa or rotator cuff tendons below. However, when your

shoulder muscles are weak or in-coordinated your movement pattern can become abnormal

and impingement may occur. The first sign of shoulder impingement is often a simple shoulder

click, which progresses to a painful click, reduced movement and ultimately loss of shoulder function.

When impingement does happen, your bursa becomes repeated pinched and inflamed and 

shoulder bursitis will develop. Likewise, repeated impingement into the rotator cuff tendon can

and lead to rotator cuff tendinopathy. In severe cases, a rotator cuff tear. These conditions

can co-exist or be present independently.

How Do You Know You Have a Shoulder Impingement?

Common shoulder impingement symptoms include:

  • Pain or clicking when putting your hand behind your back or head.
  • Pain reaching for the seat-belt or across your chest.
  • An arc of shoulder pain approximately when your arm is at shoulder height and/or when 
  • your arm is overhead.
  • Pain when lying on the sore shoulder.
  • Shoulder pain at rest as your condition deteriorates.
  • Muscle weakness or pain when attempting to reach or lift.

What is the Best Test for Shoulder Impingement?

Shoulder impingement is normally diagnosed within your clinical examination by a

skilled physiotherapist or doctor. They will perform a series of shoulder impingement tests

to rule in or out impingement. They will also assess for shoulder range of motion, rotator cuff strength,

assess your scapular influence on the impingement plus other appropriate tests.

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the best shoulder impingement treatment in Ipoh

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