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wong medical centre

Wong Medical Centre

a leading medical centre in Malaysia

Situated in the comfortable neighbourhood of Bandar Seri Botani, Ipoh, Wong Medical Centre began its operations in 1999 as a clinic. First started in Jalan Pasir Putih, Taman Shatin, Ipoh. Today, we host a 16 beds outpatient facility with Nerve and Pain Injury Management, Physiotherapy Dept, Wellness Dept, Psychotherapy Dept and Internal Medicine Dept. However, our medical centre focus is still on providing high quality patient care, diagnostic services and our uniqueness of combination of western and oriental treatments skills. You will get an alternative and unique treatments in a very serene and peaceful environment to help with your spiritual and physical illness. To meet the alternative needs, Wong Medical Centre is a centre that would innovate and find ways to solve patients’ health conditions in order to provide them hope and cure.

wong medical centre


Wong Medical Centre is committed to providing customer- oriented

 medical care and services with love and care.


We aim:

To provide world class services to our patients.

To provide comprehensive, innovative and effective treatments

techniques and skills.

To constantly evolve and provide alternative treatments.


We pledge:

To be the first choice provider of a holistic range of clinical services

and treatments in pain and injury management.

To constantly care and educate our patients so that they receive the

best treatment here with hope and happiness.

  Doctor's Profile


 Consultant TCM physician  

Traditional Chinese Medicine

      NLP Master Practitioner

       Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Interest

Internal Medicine, Pain Management, Pediatrics, Women’s Health,

General Fertility,Respiratory Conditions, Gastroenterology,

Cardiovascular Health, Skin Diseases,Acupuncture, Hypertension,

Diabetes, Neurological Conditions, Stroke Rehabilitation.


He has been practicing

acupuncture,ClinicalOrthopaedic, Chiropractic,

and has set up a Physiotherapy Dept.

for pain management for the past 20

years of experience.

He is also a NLP Master Practitioner.

He is a Counselor,Psychotherapist as

well as a Hypnotherapist. He has been

in this field for 8 years.

Today, he has successfully from a normal

clinic to a two 3 storeys shoplot medical 

centre now at Bandar Cyber, Ipoh.

With his many years of experience, he

has built up a medical team with 4

departments providing high quality

patient care and diagnostic . With his 

combination of western and oriental

treatments skills is where the effective

results is produced. He has constantly

innovate and doing research to provide 

alternative and improved treatments to

suit the patients' health conditions.

Aside from that, he believe in preventive

health care along with Holistic Remedy Therapy.

He always believe educating the patients is a very

important task to let them know their health 

conditions well.

wong medical centre



Centre Social Responsibilty

At Wong Medical Centre, we are here to help those underprivileged

patients who cannot afford for a long period of treatment. We have

a dedicated CSR Department who are here to listen and assist. We

will require necessary documents to be submitted for our review.

Terms and conditions apply. Please contact us at +60124520077.


Our Centre

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Consultation Hours


ACCOMMODATION: We provide comfortable and serene environment for our patients. All rooms are fully air-conditioned.

MEALS :  Meals provided are healthy diet and prepared according to the patient's needs.

NURSING CARE : Nursing Care facilities provided.

TRANSPORTATION: We provide transportation  if needed.

TRANSPORT PROVIDED : Transportation provided to and from the airport to the centre.


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Monday To Saturday

8.30pm to 5.30 pm

Sunday And Public Holiday


Online Consultation Hours

Monday To Saturday

2.30pm to 6.00pm




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