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best hip pain sciatica pain treatment in Ipoh . Taiping Teluk Intan Bidor Cameron Highland Tapah
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Best hip pain back pain sciatica pain treatment in Ipoh


best hip pain treatment in Ipoh


Hip pain involves any pain in or around the hip joint.


These are some of the conditions that are most likely to cause hip pain:

  • Arthritis. Arthritic conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are among the
  •  most common causes of hip pain, especially in older adults.  Arthritis leads to inflammation 
  • of the hip joint and the breakdown of the cartilage that normally cushions your hip bones.
  •  The pain gradually gets worse as the arthritis progresses. People with arthritis also feel 
  • stiffness and have reduced range of motion in the hip.

  • Hip fractures. Fractures of the hip are a particular problem in elderly people. With age,
  •  the bones can become weak and brittle. Weakened bones are more likely to fracture
  •  during a fall.

  • Bursitis. Inflammation of the small, fluid-filled sacs (called bursae) that protect muscles 
  • and tendons is usually due to repetitive activities that overwork or irritate the hip joint.

  • Tendinitis. Tendons are the thick bands of tissue that attach bones to muscles. Tendinitis 
  • is inflammation or irritation of the tendons. It's usually caused by repetitive stress from overuse.

  • Muscle or tendon strain. Repeated activities can put strain on the muscles, tendons, 
  • and ligaments that support the hips. When these structures become inflamed from overuse,
  •  they can cause pain and prevent the hip from functioning normally.

  • Cancers. Tumors that start in the bone (bone cancer) or that spread to the bone can
  • cause pain in the hips, as well as in other bones of the body.

  • Avascular necrosis (also called osteonecrosis). This condition occurs when blood flow
  •  to the hip bone is reduced and the bone tissue dies as a result. Although it can affect other
  •  bones, avascular necrosis most often occurs in the hip. It can be caused by a hip fracture or
  •  dislocation, or from the long-term use of high-dose steroids (such as prednisone), among 
  • other causes.


Pain in the hip can result from a number of factors. Abnormalities of the skin, nerves, bones, joints,

blood vessels, and soft tissues of the hip can all result in pain. Sometimes diseases that affect

other joints in the body, such as arthritis, can be the cause of pain in the hip. Trauma, including

bone fracture, is also a cause of hip pain. Pain in the hip area may also originate from painful

infections or other conditions of the skin, such as shingles. Hip pain may also occur because of

a problem with the back or spine. Treatments for hip pain depend on the underlying cause.

With our many years of experience, our centre provides effective treatment with

combinations of natural herbs formula which is very effective in curing this illness.

Please mail us your problems and we will get back to you soonest possible.

Our treatment will include Physiotherapy, Chiropratic and Yi Dao Therapy.

This treatment taken approximately 1month or 1 to 3 months for the whole treatment course.

best hip pain treatment in Ipoh

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