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Best stroke Physiotherapy Rehabilitation treatment In Ipoh

best stroke rehabilitation in Ipoh

How physiotherapy works

Having a stroke can have a serious impact on movement, sensation,

balance and co-ordination and the aim of physiotherapy is to help regain as

many of these abilities as possible. The severity of the stroke will dictate how

much recovery is possible, but physiotherapy works to maximise potential


Normally a stroke affects one side of the body and the affected side will

often feel weak and heavy, which makes it more difficult for the person to move.

In order to compensate for the weaker side, the stronger side becomes

dominant and overactive to compensate for the weaker side. This means that

a person who has had a stroke will tend to rely heavily on the stronger side of

their body.

A physiotherapist will assess the alignment and activity of various

body parts, and the physiotherapy treatment will focus on getting the side

affected by the stroke to move more effectively.

Every person who has had a stroke has different degrees of difficulty

in the activities of daily living. Physiotherapy will address the particular

problems at the time of treatment. Generally the aim will be to help with

mobility and balance.

If the stroke is severe, this could mean helping with getting from bed

to chair or on and off the toilet. If the stroke is mild and the person young and

previously fit, this could mean help with running and jumping, and returning to sport

The recovery of movement is most marked in the first 3 months following

a stroke but it is our experience that progress can still be made many years after a

stroke. The degree of recovery depends on many factors, the most important being

the severity of damage caused to the brain by the stroke.

Individual assessment and treatment is the best way to plan physiotherapy to

help with specific problems.

With our many years of experience, our centre provides effective treatment with

combination of natural herbs which is very effective in curing this illness.

Please mail us your problems and we will get back to you soonest possible.

best stroke rehabilitation in Ipoh

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