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the best counselling for relationship breakdown in Ipoh 

Relationship breakdown

Relationship breakdown

The teenage years are critical ones in which boys and girls first learn about love and romantic relationships. Dating among teens is often intense and can be fraught with drama. Parents naturally feel that it is their duty to help their children with whatever issues arise in their lives. Parents, however, must walk a fine line when teaching and guiding their teens in this delicate area. Learn some techniques to help your burgeoning adult fix relationship problems.

Step 1

Communicate with your teen. Insist on honesty and full disclosure about relationships and the problems that come with them. Listen closely to what your child says to pick up clues to problems that your teen may be reluctant to reveal initially.

Step 2

Set dating guidelines for your teenager. The Family Guide website recommends you discuss these with your teen. She should have clear rules as to dating, including a curfew. This will help avoid relationship problems that can arise when teens do not have clear-cut boundaries.

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