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Hypochondriasis, hypochondria (sometimes referred to as health phobia or health

anxiety) refers to excessive preoccupation or worry about having a serious illness.[1] An

individual suffering from hypochondriasis is known as a hypochondriac. Often, hypochondria

persists even after a physician has evaluated a person and reassured them that their

concerns about symptoms do not have an underlying medical basis or, if there is a medical

illness, the concerns are far in excess of what is appropriate for the level of disease. Many

hypochondriacs focus on a particular symptom as the catalyst of their worrying, such as

gastro-intestinal problems, palpitations, or muscle fatigue.

The DSM-IV-TR defines this disorder, "Hypochondriasis," as a somatoform disorder[2] and

one study has shown it to affect about 3% of the visitors to primary care settings.[3]

Hypochondria is often characterized by fears that minor bodily symptoms may indicate a

serious illness, constant self-examination and self-diagnosis, and a preoccupation with one's

body. Many individuals with hypochondriasis express doubt and disbelief in the doctors'

diagnosis, and report that doctors’ reassurance about an absence of a serious medical

condition is unconvincing, or un-lasting. Many hypochondriacs require constant reassurance,

either from doctors, family, or friends, and the disorder can become a disabling torment for

the individual with hypochondriasis, as well as his or her family and friends. Some

hypochondriacal individuals completely avoid any reminder of illness, whereas others

frequently visit doctors’ offices. Other hypochondriacs will never speak about their terror,

convinced that their fear of having a serious illness will not be taken seriously by those in

whom they confide.

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