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the best compartment syndrome treatment in Ipoh Tapah Bidor Teluk Intan Cameron Highland Taiping
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The best compartment syndrome treatment in Ipoh 

the best comaprtment syndrome treatment in Ipoh

Compartment syndrome occurs when excessive pressure builds up inside an enclosed muscle

space in the body. Compartment syndrome usually results from bleeding or swelling after

an injury. The dangerously high pressure in compartment syndrome impedes the flow of

 blood to and from the affected tissues. It can be an emergency, requiring surgery to prevent

permanent injury.

What Happens in Compartment Syndrome?

Groups of organs or muscles are organized into areas called compartments. Strong webs of connective

tissue called fascia form the walls of these compartments.

After an injury, blood or edema (fluid resulting from inflammation or injury) may accumulate in

the compartment. The tough walls of fascia cannot easily expand, and compartment pressure rises,

preventing adequate blood flow to tissues inside the compartment. Severe tissue damage can result,

with loss of body function or even death.

The legs, arms, and abdomen are most prone to developing compartment syndrome.

Compartment Syndrome Causes

Acute compartment syndrome is the most common type of compartment syndrome. About

three-quarters of the time, acute compartment syndrome is caused by a broken leg or arm.

Acute compartment syndrome develops rapidly over hours or days.

Compartment syndrome can develop from the fracture itself, due to pressure from bleeding

and edema. Or compartment syndrome may occur later, as a result of treatment for the fracture

(such as surgery or casting).

Acute compartment syndrome can also occur after injuries without bone fractures, including:

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the best compartment syndrome treatment in Ipoh

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