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High Glucose Level Formula

High Glucose Level Formula

SYMPTOM :Level of glucose is out of control. :feel tired,getting thin,thirsty,feel
cold,no appetite,insomia,dizziness,frequent urination .
ACTION :Lower the glucose level, reduce the body diabetic symptom.
DOSAGE :2 types of medications , Syrup and Capsules
PERIOD: Medicine for 2 WEEKS
NOTE: This is a traditional medicine if symptom persist,please consult a doctor,keep in cool and dry place.
INGREDIENTS : Natural herbs
CONTRAINDICATION: Children below 1 year old are contraindicated

Dr's Notes: The above medications is very effective and has no side effects. The effects can be seen after one to two weeks of medications.

TANDA-TANDA: Apabila kandungan glucose tidak dikawal: sentiasa berasa penat, penurunan berat badan,
sejuk, sukar tidur malam,
NOTA:ubat semulajadi,sebarang pertanyaan sila hubungi doktor,simpan di tempat sejuk dan panas
KUANTITI: setiap 2 kali setiap hari , 1 biji sekali
JANGKA MASA:2 minggu
RAMUAN: herba semulajadi
,KETIDAKSUAIAN: Kanak-kanak umur 1tahun.
KEBERKESANAN: Ubat dan rawatan ini adalah khas untuk permasalahan ini.

PRICE includes postage : RM 110 per week

For Malaysian, Kindly bank in to PBB 3169033415 payable to PUSAT RAWATAN TRADISI WONG. Please email us your bank in slip to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or wats app us +60124520077 / +60125036040. Tq

For more information Please Call
: 0124520077 (Dr.Wong)
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