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Lumbar Disc Herniation/ Spondylosis

lumbar disc herniation

Lumbar disc herniation is also known as a slipped,

ruptured,or prolapsed disc. Whatever name is given,

it all refers to the medical condition when the soft

material found in the middle of the lumbar disc

experiences so much pressure that it ruptures.

When this occurs, pressure can build up against one

or more of the nerves found in the spine. This can

result in symptoms such as pain or numbness in the

lower back.

The condition of lumbar disc herniation can happen

to anyone. However, this particular condition is more

common among the elderly. The reason for this is

that as people age, the lumbar discs may dry out

and compress.

The hard outside areas of the disc may then

deteriorate and show signs of distress. When this

occurs, nothing walls in the nucleus or the inside of

the ring. The result is that it tends to bulge out.

As the spine goes through more stress, the nucleus

eventually collapses and pieces of the disc material

press against the nerve endings found behind

the disc space.

Because of the natural movements of people,

most of the damage in a lumbar disk herniation

occurs in the lower back region, particularly in

the L4-5 and L5-S1 areas.

Treatment of a herniated disc depends on a

number of factors including:

    • Symptoms experienced by the patient
    • Age of the patient
    • Activity level of the patient
    • Presence of worsening symptoms

Most often, treatments of a herniated disc begin conservatively,

and become more aggressive if the symptoms persist.

After diagnosing a herniated disc, treatment usually begins with:

Rest & Activity Modification.

The first treatment is to rest and avoid activities that

aggravate your symptoms. Many disc herniations will

resolve is given time. In these cases, it is important to

avoid activities that aggravate your symptoms.

  Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation:Physical therapists

are trained to identify deficiencies in the biomechanics of

the body. Working with a physical therapist can target specific

areas of weakness in the way our bodies work. They can

relieve stress and help the body function without pain.

   Physical therapists are knowledgeable about surgical

procedures and treatment goals, and can tailor their

efforts to improve your well-being. After surgical procedures,

it is important that therapy is guided by the surgical procedure.

Physical therapists are knowledgeable about your body's limitations

after surgery and can help ensure a successful outcome.

  Stretching Tight Muscles and Joints:Stretching is vital in

maintaining good range of motion with joints and the flexibility

of muscles. If you have stiff joints or tight muscles, normal

activities, such as climbing stairs or reaching overhead,

can be severely affected. With proper stretching, these

functions can be preserved.

  With our many years of experience, our centre provides

effective treatment with combinations of natural herbs which

is very effective in curing this illness. Please mail us your

problems and we will get back to you soonest possible.


(Wong Medical Centre)

14 & 16, Jalan Lapangan Siber 1,

Bandar Cyber, 31350 

Ipoh, Perak

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